This is how much News24 and Netwerk24 make through paid subscriptions

News24 and Netwerk24’s paywall subscription models have been very successful and have helped Media24 – Africa’s leading network of popular digital publishing brands and online services across internet, mobile and applications – maintain its spot at the top.

Media24, parent company to News24 and Netwerk24

News24 – South Africa’s leading source of trusted news, opinion, business, sport and lifestyle content – charges R75 to its 41 000 subscribers which generates R3.075 million per month.

Netwerk24 – South Africa’s online home for Media24’s Afrikaans publications: Beeld, Die Burger and Volksblad – charges R100 to its 80 900 subscribers which generates R8.009 million per month

These subscriptions contribute around R11 million per month to Media24.

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