How To Start A Car Wash Business In South Africa

To start a car wash business you need the following :

  • 5 Empty used 20 Litre Buckets
  • 5 Wash Cloths
  • Sunlight Liquid Soap or any other Liquid Soap.
  • Black Polish, you can even use Shoe Black Polish.
  • Water, lots of it.

Well for a start up you don’t have to build an expensive structure, just build a nice simple car shelter that can accommodate 4 to 6 cars at once. You can use old metal poles or wooded poles and a net.

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You will also need Two friends to help you or you can hire Two people.

You can wash each Car for R50 outside only, interior for extra R20, mini bus for R100 and extra R50 for interior as well.

If you can wash 15 cars and 15 mini buses per day that translates to R3300 per day and if you do this every day that translates to R99000 or less per month depending on how many cars you wash per day and how many days you were able to work. This is just an example.
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Car wash business is a serious business and most people especially the youth overlook this idea.

In 2022 go and try this, even if you’re not business minded, you will inherit a business mind along the way.

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