The Billionaire Battle

The Billionaire Battle

No poor man can fight with a billionaire, he’s without a previlege to do so.

He can hate on a billionaire, and kills himself a slow death from within.
Because, the Billionaire is who with the plug for his life support..

Billionaire is a mere status, and a tool of control, but Billionaires can’t use their Billions to themselves.

They use them on others, to gain power and control in return.

Only Billionaires can fight one another, because, they can only have conflicts of interests towards each other, but never against a poor man.

In times of billionaire’s conflicts, a poor man is a weapon they use as a shield, and ammunition against one another.

When the man with ambitions for Billions is on his Millions, He Too Recruits Those Without Anything As His Stepping Ladder…

We’re living altogether, but still, we’re all by our own.

In order to understand, create and lead a movement you believe it’s for common interests of mankind, and see if anyone would follow after you.

You may think people have something against you , as a failure to understand that you don’t posses anything they need, and the journey you thought it was for y’all to walk, it was only a journey of your own, which you fear to confront by yourself, hence the recruitment of others…

Each day on Social Media people are always conflicting with strangers, and not as a result of anything wrong strangers are doing.

They do so, because they want to enforce their self-imposed realities of life upon others.

They massively criticise those trying to solve their own problems different from theirs, and ignore their own problems which have turned them dysfunctional members of the society.

There’s no better way of making money, it all depends on how the money maker goes about it.

There are people who run their own registered companies, making less money than people working for other companies.
The are days hustlers makes more money than majority of employed people, and there are days of drought.

Employed, directing, or hustling, everyone is making the same thing.

The world where everyone is running a company would be dysfunctional, we must stop fighting over useless things, as if we never went to School.

The Billionaire Battle

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