Why Brian Altriche, Founder of RocoMamas, Got Sued By RedBull

Long before Brian Altriche launched RocoMamas, he dabbled in the energy drink market by launching his very own drink called MadBull but unfortunately, the drink was ambushed by a red colored bull, see the video clip below:

He ended up losing the case and was forced to change MadBull’s name to MadBuzz. Eventually, Brian lost confidence in the vision of the drink and sold his stake to his partners, and moved on to other things.

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  • Sara Houston is the business manager of Mate Mate United States. She has years of experience in the managerial task and she is focused on his work goals. Under her guidance, MateMate is growing at a faster pace and achieving new milestones every day. She also gives nice suggestions and feedback on energy drinks and it is helping the company to achieve better sales.

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