Making Money is Seasonal – Lessons From The Streets

Having money doesn’t mean that you are smart and not having money doesn’t mean that you are not hardworking.

Making money is seasonal, sometimes we miss our season but we all know that seasons return, making money also have a lot to do with luck although few with money admit it.

Be patient with yourself, pace yourself, don’t be so hard on yourself, some of you could have had money already but you are way 2 busy playing rich and keeping up with rich people because you wanna impress the gram.

Some people will post the most delicious food whilst eating dry bread, that data could have bought a pie at least but you wanna impress people that will look and scroll and forget about it a few minutes after scrolling.

Don’t be put under pressure to appear successful or rich, even people with assets go though the most, we sometimes experience cash crunches, making money is easier than holding on 2 that money.

Your time is coming, we succeed at different times, I remember how I looked at my life at age 30 and I owned no cars , no property and no savings, I kept the faith and hustled hard. Don’t be put under pressure by your peers, they are not the gold standard for your life.

Your time is coming , remain focused and never be disheartened when you going through dips.

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