WATCH|| 10 Insane Mega Projects Happening In South Africa

South Africa is known for its differing topography, natural beauty and cultural diversity. Having a population of about 60 million, it is classified as one of the most developed countries in Africa with a fast growing economy and home to one of the best infrastructures on the continent.

It is estimated that the total demand for infrastructure investment and maintenance from African developing countries is more than $900 billion a year. Africa’s recent increase in economic growth inevitably had a great contribution from the implementation of mega projects across the continent.

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According to survey reports by Deloitte and Ernst & Young, South Africa is among the top countries with many infrastructure projects on the continent, with a combined value of close to $130 billion over the last 10 years.

South Africa being the third biggest economy in Africa, has shown a great deal of interest in mega construction projects to become more economically and socially advanced.

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The country is addressing her overwhelming affordable housing needs, improving the infrastructure, keeping up with the pace of growth of technology, and reaching sustainable development goals by undertaking some of the most incredible mega projects on the continent.

Numerous mega projects have been implemented or currently ongoing to meet different objectives ranging from energy, transport and sport facilities, among others.

In this video, we will take a look at the 10 Insane Mega Projects Happening In South Africa:

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