The City of Tshwane mayor said the extensive damage of the electricity pylons that fell onto the N4 highway on Monday was the result of criminals stripping off metal from their base.

City of Tshwane mayor, Cilliers Brink

The City of Tshwane said the collapse of several electricity powerlines in the capital city was caused by vandalism and theft.

At least seven electricity pylons fell onto the N4 highway on Monday, cutting off power to thousands of households, and blocking off traffic between the Solomon Mahlangu and Simon Vermooten offramps.

While officials were able to clear the high-voltage powerlines from the road, residents remained in the dark on when electricity would be restored.

City mayor Cilliers Brink blamed the extensive damage on criminals who were stripping off metal from the base of the pylons, compromising the infrastructure.

“There is clear evidence that at least three of the pylons were attacked by criminals who sought to vandalise them or to strip metal from these pylons. The pressure and the momentum carried forward and knocked out several other pylons.”

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