The Story of Lovuthando Dolls By The Founder, Yolanda Yawa-Donkers

Growing up in Gugulethu, Yolanda Yawa-Donkers didn’t really like playing with dolls because she couldn’t relate to the fair skinned blonde-haired variety found in toy stores. So she set about scouring flea markets in search of second-hand dolls to experiment on.

“I tried to re-colour a Barbie doll brown, but I didn’t like the result,”

She started Luvuthando Dolls in January 2018 to ensure black kids had dolls that looked like them.

“I felt there wasn’t representation for the black child to be able to embrace who they are and see how unique and special they are,”

Lovuthando Dolls

Luvuthando Dolls promotes diversity and aims to instill confidence in little boys and girls. Check out Yolanda’s story on the video below:

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