History of The Codfather Restaurant, From The Founder Himself, George Sinovich

George Sinovich launched The Codfather way back in 1992 and this upmarket establishment is still going strong, although décor and menus have been updated over the years. This is not a restaurant stuck in a time warp.

George Sinovich, founder of The Codfather

George has been in the fish business for over 35 years. Fish is George’s business, and that’s why the fish counter is the focal point of each of The Codfather restaurants.

“My father had a small coal transporting company in Pretoria, which I joined. As a side-line, I started transporting fish and then opened a fish wholesale business,” explains George. “I would sell a Tinker for R5 and offer to cook it for an extra 50c.”

History of The Codfather Restaurant from George himself, see the video below:

Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs??

“I have made many good decisions, but have also had many failures. I have gone from riches to rags and vice versa, but I have never been afraid of taking a chance. More than half of the crazy risks have paid off and I would advise any young entrepreneur to not be afraid to take that leap of faith – the rewards are there. Most importantly, I believe that one must get up again and again when something fails. Enjoy what you do: passion and hard work always win.”


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