Stop Avoiding The Money Topic

Stop Avoiding The Money Topic

The money topic is the topic people avoid the most, but money as the key to unlock almost every door, nothing shall go right, unless the money topic is confronted head on.

During family gatherings, when matters which concerns money arise, you’d see uncle Sibusiso suddenly have a running stomach, and sis Joyce speaks of going to check out on the pots.

At beer salon, men can chill happily when the cooler box is full, but when the time to refill arise, you’d see them suddenly getting busy on the phone, with others going at the back of the tarvens as if they’re going to pee.

You come on Facebook and talk about men and providing or finding means to support, and you see men frown their faces, some hailing insults, whilst the weaklings shift the responsibility to the other gender.

And you ask yourself, if these people are going to avoid matters which concerns money by any means necessary, how do they aim to survive a world where money dictates everything?

Ain’t they tired of justifying their struggles by philosophies? When are they going to wake up and realise the world doesn’t work according to philosophies?

You’d see a person who claims to be matured, but complaining about the privileges of others, as if privilege is something which some people have been handed by God, without any action prior to that, either by themselves, parents, or grand parents….

In life, excuses don’t change anything, the things we were born without, are the things we should fight to have for ourselves if we need them, or remain without them if they’re not of use to us.

What’s not acceptable is going each day whining about the privileges of other people, to justify our conditions which is the result of our day to day actions…

If a kid born and be left by the roadside by its mother can survive on the streets throughout the childhood, and grow up to become a person with everything required to live a dignified life, then it’s not much of exaggeration to conclude that the
one who grow up next to the mother and die without anything was a personal choices to end the way they did.

After the age of 21, everyone is judged as individuals. Parents can’t be credited for the successes of their kids forever, and they can’t be blamed for the failures of their kids either, all persons have minds of their own.

The greatest of poverties is the poverty of thoughts, that’s why some people are born from well off parents, but end up suffering by themselves, whilst some are born from poor parents, and end up doing well for themselves, and vice versa.

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