Sasol CEO, Fleetwood Grobler, Set To Leave The Company In 2024

Sasol has a plan in place to find a replacement for CEO, Fleetwood Grobler, whose term of running the company will end next year.

Fleetwood Grobler, CEO of Sasol

According to Chairman of Sasol, Sipho Nkosi, the process of finding a suitable successor to Grobler started in 2022 by the board’s nomination and governance committee.

A new chief executive officer will be announced in the first half of 2024. Grobler’s five-year term ends in December next year.

“The board has got a well thought through succession plan,”

“They’ve really actively engaged to make sure that it’s going to be the outcome that they want to see.”

Grobler said in an interview at Sasol’s Johannesburg headquarters.

Grobler started his career at Sasol in 1984 and has worked throughout its global operations. He took over as CEO in October 2019, under his management, the company’s revenue expanded by 35%. And the company announced a plan to target a 30% reduction in its emissions by 2030.

Sasol — South Africa’s second-biggest emitter of greenhouse gases — plans to accomplish that by replacing some of the coal it uses and make synthetic fuel and chemicals with natural gas.

“Sasol is on a good pathway to increase diversity in leadership at the company”


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