Sarah Collins Proves You Don’t Need A New Idea, You Just Need A Better Execution

The unfortunate reality is that most upcoming entrepreneurs will hop from new idea to new idea, without any sort of execution, because they are looking for that virgin idea that no one amongst the 8 billion people on earth has ever thought about.

In their mind, they associate an opportunity with a blockbuster, unmolested, untapped, unknown, breakthrough and legendary idea, but that’s far from the truth, because an opportunity is rarely about any of that.

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Opportunity can be simple as an unmet need or a need that isn’t met adequately enough. In business, competition is everywhere, there’s just no way you can find a unique idea no one knows about. Work on any idea and make sure you do it better than anyone else.

Take Sarah Collins for instance, a 42 year old entrepreneur from Durban, who took an old idea of a wonderbag, which has been around for ages and made billions out of it through a better execution.

It goes without saying that a wonderbag is neither a modern nor a sophisticated product. It’s based on the exploitation of heat-retention cooking, which is something many cultures around the world have been using for years.

She took this simple yet effective technology, that has been around for years and turned it into a revolutionary product that is offered all over the world. She’s partnered with massive corporations such Unilever and Amazon to sell the Wonderbag in places like the US and UK just to mention a few.

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What is a Wonderbag??

In simple terms, a Wonderbag is a non electric bag that is well insulated. It cooks food for over 12 hours after the heat source has been removed.

The Wonderbag is usually covered with African shwe-shwe fabric and lined with a more resistant fabric. It also includes a toggle for a more simplier closing.

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Open Road

The concept of non electric bags have been around for decades, but that didn’t stop Sarah Collins from creating Wonderbag, it was an open road when the road seemed closed.

Podcasting has been around for years but that didn’t stop MacG from creating Chill & Podcast With MacG, the biggest podcast in Africa.

Caffeinated drinks has been around for ages but that didn’t stop DJ Sbu and partners for creating Mofaya, one of the highest selling energy drinks Africa.

Successful businesses usually take existing ideas, products or services and give them a new life with a better view.

Don’t be paralyzed with creating something new and unmolested, just take an existing idea and execute it better than anyone you know.

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In Closing

According to Sarah, on the road to success you should be realistic when setting your goals, because entering a new market isn’t gonna be easy as you think, and will take you longer than your initial predictions.



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