Instagram Challenge To A 6 Figure Business: How Musi Modikwe Grew Musi Atchar

For the most part, most people have ideas for businesses but they always seem to get caught up on the money factor…

….But who can blame them though?? We live in a world that has trained us into thinking that money makes the world go around.

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Believe it or not, as much as money is very important, it isn’t the be all & end all, more especially when an individual is driven by passion.

Musi Modikwe

During the level 5 lockdowns back in 2020, Modikwe Musi hopped on Instagram live with another fellow entrepreneur, and they were basically trying to spread business advice across the country to just motivate and encourage people, and also let them know that even though things were tough, opportunities still existed.

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On one of those live sessions, a person commented by saying, “In the land that we live in, without connections and funding, you’ll never make it in business.”

This was motivation for Musi to start a business from scratch and prove the commenter wrong.

“I went into the house and I saw my mom making atchar, just as something to pass time with.”

It dawned on him that with all the eCommerce knowledge, and everything he’s learned about building online businesses, the atchar was a product that he could actually make and sell to the public.

“I don’t need a shop or an office. I can make the product at home and then I can get courier vehicles to come pick it up and deliver it. So, we started Musi Foods.”

With his mother, Sibeka, as head of operations, Musi manages the social media and online part of the business.

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He then got a few influencers to post about his product on their Instagram stories by paying them with a bottle(which retails for R99) since he didn’t have enough money to pay for the posts — the atchar started spreading like wildfire.

Musi Atchar

In a space of few months, they managed to grow and scale the company into a six-figure business.

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After dropping out of the University of Witwatersrand to focus on his now failed business, Musi knew there was something out there for him — here’s his advice to aspiring entrepreneurs:

Music’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs


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