How The Pandemic Inspired Mohammed Hlatshwayo To Create More n Mo, An e-Ticketing App

The outbreak of the corona was truly disastrous for so many people but at the same time, it gave them an opportunity to reflect.

Just like the creator of More n Mo, Mohammad Hlatshwayo, who firmly believes that the pandemic was a paradigm shift.

Mohammad Hlatshwayo

It encouraged him to look for ways in which can help people to continue working together with minimum need to physically get in touch with each other. The mobile app is an e-ticketing app that users can use to buy and sell their tickets for events.

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You just scan a QR code and you’ll be able to get all the information you need about an event and how you can make payments online, all of this through your own Android phone.

Muhammad, a.k.a Mo, says during isolation he realized that “we weren’t being creative enough” and how far behind we are in the context of information and technology.

“I wanted to build something that is really on demand and build it in way that people can have it accessed at any time,” he said.

More n Mo

Using the app, you can see the convenience and the time-saving benefits. With More n Mo there’s no need to go stand in a queue just to get a ticket for an event. You can just get it from your comfort of your home via an android smartphone.

The application is really becoming a success and people are giving it a chance. Innovation is what this application screams.

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How the app works is very simple, it is designed to be used by organizers and customers. The organizer creates an event and automatically the app creates a unique QR code for that event.

Then people can use the same app to scan the QR code and buy tickets that will be scanned at the entrance by the event organizers and their crew using the very same app, how convenient.

This app has truly made things a lot easier for the entertainment space, people can forget their printed tickets but they hardly forget their phones, they always have their devices with them.

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So this means that now people won’t have to worry much about keeping their tickets safe and dry. They know that they will have it on them wherever they go. Its inside their smartphone somewhere in a unique QR code.

What’s awesome about more n mo is that its well calculated on the business side of things. You can track your finances easily and the payment method caters for both Mastercard and Visa. The settlements are much safer when they are done through the wire, unlike hand-to-hand.

And if you’re thinking that the current state of the app is the main goal then “sadly, you are mistaken”, said the young inspiring software engineer Muhammad.

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He says that he’s thinking about block chains and how they can be implemented onto the future versions of the app. He’s looking into how it can be possible for people to be virtually present in an event from the comfort of their choice.

“We’re dreaming big this side. This is just the beginning.”

More n Mo

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