Hacker Group Goes After TransUnion SA & Demands R225 Million Or Else….

TransUnion South Africa have confirmed that they’ve been hacked by a hackers group going called N4aughtysecTU, who are apparently based in Brazil.

TransUnion South Africa

N4aughtysecTU has breached credit bureau TransUnion South Africa, and accessed the personal records of over 54-million South Africans.

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They currently have all corporate data controlled by TransUnion. TransUnion’s security password was apparently “Password”.

N4aughtysecTU now have access to data such as:

  • Clients Bank details
  • Personal Addresses of clients
  • Property ownership if any
  • Clear Scores data
  • Car ownership and registration

The hacker group is demanding a R225 million ransom over four terabytes of compromised data.

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TransUnion has so far refused to pay, but the group says if the credit bureau company does not pay the ransom by the deadline, data will be leaked except for those companies who’ve paid the insurance fee.

Approximately 95% of the South african population is said to be affected.

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