Cyril Ramaphosa to stand for another term at the much anticipated ANC conference

Cyril Ramaphosa has advised his confidants that he has changed his mind and therefore will not resign from his position as President of South Africa, according to people familiar with the matter.

According to two senior ANC politicians, Ramaphosa also plans on standing for another term as head of the party at the much anticipated party’s elective conference, which starts on December 16.

This shows that Ramaphosa has the appetite to fight back after an independent panel released its report on the Phala Phala matter on Wednesday. The President also intends to take the report on legal review, with legal experts arguing that there is a chance it could be set aside.

It has been a tense few days for SA after it emerged on Thursday that Ramaphosa intended to resign. Luckily, his allies within the ANC gathered and convinced him not to quit. They urged him to fight this matter with everything he has, arguing that his departure would be damaging for the country.

The ANC national working committee will meet on Sunday at 2pm, Ramaphosa’s backers are concerned that they might have a tough time at the NEC(National Executive Committee) meeting due on Monday. They are also preparing for a possible parliamentary debate on December 6, which will look into the panel’s Phala Phala report.

So far it is unclear when Ramaphosa intends to launch his legal review of the report, but it is likely to have an impact on whether the debate goes ahead.

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