What You Need To Know About Making New Year’s Resolutions

What You Need To Know About Making New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a need for everyone to have a life plan.
In which in the beginning, and the end of each year, when they look back, they’re able to measure how much distance they’ve travelled.

For a progressive life, new year goals are building blocks to The Ultimate Dream which is a life goal/plan.

Many claims to have life plans, whilst they’re only in possession of an idea which they’re unable to know about its ups and downs, because they’ve never noted down their idea, and turn it into a practice.

A life plan is not different from a plan you often see when builders are constructing a building. Now and again, the builder would refer to the plan, to inspect if what they’re doing correlates with the plan. And if they’re on the right path, they continue.

But if they realise mistakes, they should demolish and start over, because if they continue building on the wrong foundation, someday the building will crack, and eventually collapse.

A new year is an opportunity to reflect to the past, and see if you’ve not left anything behind, you may need ahead. And if everything is put in accordance, you continue.

And if there are wrongs, to be corrected, they should be first addressed. Because if they’re left unattended, they would create an obstruction in the long run when even more wrongs have been created.

Human kind hardly achieve linear progress, there’s always ups and downs, because they’re ignorance of the small wrongs they keep creating along the journey, until those small wrongs combines and become a life problem.

In order to be sorted at all times, we should live ahead of time, and focus on fixing problems ahead of us before they actually happen.

We can’t be seeing people crying about not having funds to further their studies every year, and continue spending every little money we get on endless clothes, alcohol, going out, boys and girls. When we know very well that these bundles of joy we post everyday would someday grow up, and needs money to further their educations, or skills.

The incompetency of the government is infront of everyone to see, and as responsible adults, we can’t take the hopes and futures of our offsprings and put it in the hands of government, which is a group of people who seems confused about what to, or not to do .

We’re The Ultimates, and it’s a must that we win the economic battle by any means necessary and against all odds , for us , our families, our offsprings, and for the generations yet to come.

Happy New Year!!!

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