We Don’t Lose Money In Business, We’re Simply Buying Experience

Two guys inherited R500K each from their late father’s estate: one was business minded and the other one was not.

The first guy used the R500K traveling, networking and trying to build businesses. However, most of his businesses never succeeded but from his failures he was learning he was also travelling alot.

The second guy secured a house and a car.

So now the first guy was a joke in the community. People calling him stupid for blowing R500k and not buying anything tangible.

Today the first guy runs a multi million rand business and owns blocks and lives in the surbubs. Travels abroad almost every month.

The second guy is still living comfortably in the Township in his paid up house. People now admire the first guy more than the second guy because he has more money.

My point is, society will always talk and pressure us. Sometimes you should ignore all outside noises. You can never drive a Ferrari while you take advices from people who don’t even dream of owning Ferraris.

People love comfort and security. I cannot be comfortable and secured in my 30s I need to explore and take risk.

People also don’t understand that there are tangible and intangible assets and investments. Learning from failure in business gives you experience and knowledge. Today knowledge is power.

You might have lost alot of money and you’re feeling depressed because you thinking, “eish only if I had bought a house with that money”…..NO STOP! in business we don’t lose money but we buy experience. It’s a marathon and a lifelong journey.

Learn to be patient and enjoy the process.
Keep the faith you will win.

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