This is how DJ Tira has been marketing Bearings Cyder…..

Who doesn’t enjoy a good drink? Whether it’s a bottle of expensive vodka or a cheap 12-pack of beer, good alcohol is one of few guilty pleasures that everyone enjoys. In South Africa alone, the liquor market rakes in billions in sales, a number that will continue growing in the coming years.

So it makes sense that celebrities have ventured into the category, particularly those whose music is such a big part of nightlife and are able to advertise their brands on songs that permeate the clubs or music festivals.

So with their inherent reach, it makes perfect sense that celebrities are capitalizing on the alcohol market.

As you might have probably heard, DJ Tira has launched a new alcohol brand called Bearings Cyder, and has been promoting it heavily since announcing it to the world on his social media platforms.

DJ Tira knows that marketing is a valuable tool for any business, it increases engagement and makes customers aware of your products or services, engages them, and helps them make the buying decision.

It goes without saying that Tira is a marketing genius, he proved this by staying on top for over 20 years in the ever-changing entertainment world. Yesterday he was seen giving out free samples of the new cyder at Spar Tops in KZN, see the video below:

On top of that, many of his celebrity friends have been co-signing his new cyder and reposting it on their social media platforms to their millions of followers.

It still early days but it looks like Bearings Cyder will be taking over soon or atleast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the cyder space…..What do you think? Let’s talk in the comments section

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