The Power of Manifestation: Priven Reddy Did This Before Buying His Lamborghini

From the poverty ridden streets of Chatsworth to a billionaire with an estimated net worth of over R4 billion, Priven Reddy is living the South African dream.

Priven Reddy

He’s the founder and CEO of Kagiso Interactive, a leading web and mobile applications development agency, which is regarded as one of the world leaders in advanced software development. The company has a presence in six different countries.

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Priven grew from being a car guard, waiter and selling boxes to growing Kagiso Interactive to a valuation of R4 billion, owning 5 companies and employing 400+ employees.

He grew up Chatsworth, a KZN based township that is notorious for alcoholism, poverty, crime and drug abuse. After his father passed away as a child, his family struggled to make ends meet.

He finished high school, applied for jobs, but was turned down. With no support system or financial backing to pursue his studies further, he took a job as a car guard as he needed to take care of his family. He then got a job as a waiter in a restaurant.

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In 2006, he launched Kagiso Interactive after he teaching himself graphic and web design in an era he calls “the wild west days” of the IT industry in South Africa.

Kagiso Interactive has built over 1000 applications and had developed a strong reputation in the market. The company has big clients such as Google, EA Games, Marvel Comics, Disney, Hulu, MTN, XBOX, KFC and more.

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The Power of Manifestation

In 2018, Priven was a guest on SABC 3’s Top Billing, he revealed to the host that before he bought his Lamborghini Aventador, he manifested it first by buying a toy Lamborghini similar to the one he wanted, years later he bought it, just in a different colour, see the video clip below:

You see, this is what we call the power of manifestation. Keep in mind, this power doesn’t happen overnight, it requires an individual to take proactive steps toward whatever it is that they desire.

Priven didn’t moan about not having money or rich parents, he went out there and took all sorts of jobs, taught himself how to code & design websites, grew his client list, and it finally happened.

It’s a lengthy process, however that time is a small price to pay to live like King.


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