Supersport Finally Secures The Rights To Broadcast The Indian Premier League(IPL)

SuperSport finally secured broadcast rights to air the Indian Premier League (IPL), this came after the company announced on Thursday that it would no longer be able to broadcast the popular domestic cricket tournament.

“Following updated conversations, DStv can confirm that all IPL matches will be broadcast on SuperSport, starting today,”

“All 74 matches of the tournament will be broadcast live, starting with the Gujurat Titans vs Chennai Super Kings (DStv channel 212) at 16:00 (CAT).”

On Thursday, Supersport informed DStv subscribers that its discussions with the IPL broadcasting rights holder had been unsuccessful, meaning it could no longer air the matches.

The lack of IPL broadcasting rights would have been a huge blow to the broadcaster and DStv’s Premium subscribers.

The IPL is a highly-lucrative opportunity to sell advertising space as the tournament attracts a viewership of more than 600 million globally.

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