Meta: What is code name P92 and can it compete and replace Twitter?

A social media network code-named P92 possibly compatible with ActivitPub, will allow users to log in using their existing Instagram credentials and share their thoughts.

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This could be what Meta has in the pipeline as a possible plan to obliterate Twitter in the future.

Autonomy. Facebook has for the longest time lacked user autonomy, according to some tech reviews and this could be the answer to previous criticism.

From what we know thus far, the feature or app, will work on independent servers to allow users the space to set their code of conduct.

What is it?

Meta is developing a decentralized social media platform which is reportedly aimed at competing with Elon Musk’s Twitter.

Meta is exploring a standalone network for sharing text updates.

Twitter’s possible competitor codenamed project P92 will be accessed using the same login details as Instagram. At least that’s what we know so far.

The app will be compatible with ActivityPub, the protocol used by the open source Twitter alternative Mastodon.

Decentralized platform

Separate servers. A decentralized platform means users of the app will be able to join separate servers and broadcast posts to people on other servers.

Codename P92 is expected to be similar to Twitter, in the sense that posts will allow comments including other possible cool hacks as additions.

Users of the proposed incoming app will gain access to other users information by leveraging existing Instagram data, such as names, profile photos and other information.


With Twitter going through financial challenges, a social media app that could compete with Twitter could possibly replace it by providing an alternative especially when Musk continues to edge users to subscribe to the platform, when they previously used the app and its features for free.

Since Musk took over the reigns, Twitter has seen brands pull back as he continues to make significant changes in an effort to reduce advertising and other factors that affect his self proclaimed town square.

Earlier this year, the social media app reportedly faced an interest payment of $300 million on its debt.

Proposed bankruptcy is what some forecast as Musk battles to steer the blue birded app to calmer financial waters.

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