“I’ll Turn Them To Billions” — New Yorkers Make It Rain On Mofaya Founder, DJ Sbu

This past weekend, Mofaya Energy Drink founder, DJ Sbu, was playing at a New York club, Superior Ingredients, alongside the Major League twins.

During his set, New Yorkers can be seen throwing dollars at the deejay desk, implying they were enjoying the new music he was playing to them, see the video clip below:

On the video, Sbu can be seen dancing to the music he was playing, while at the same time, collecting the dollar bills that were thrown at him.

The following day, The Hustlers Corner host took to his Instagram account to show gratitude to the New Yorkers who made his visit memorable, and promised to turn those dollars into billions.

Only time will tell if Mzansi’s Number 1 Knox Man will indeed fulfill his promise but one thing for sure, you can’t count him out.

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