Lamborghini Owner Trolls Degree Holders In Witbank

There’s a video making rounds on the Tick Tock streets showing a black Lamborghini Avendator with a number plate titled, “NO DEGRE GP,” the video has gained close to half a million views and over 1000 comments.

As you’d expect, the video sparked a debate about the education system of not only South but the world in general. Some commenters argued that education is essential for developing logical thinking, while others claimed that connections and developing a valuable skill can get you to the top.

The reality is that If you aspire to become rich, the worst thing you can do is go the scholastic route. Nothing on that syllabus is going to make you millions. Becoming rich has nothing to do with your degrees, it’s all about your ability to serve others and give them the results they want!

To become rich, focus first on how you can improve other people’s lives. What value can you, or will you be able to give them? The more value you can give, the more people will be willing to pay for the value you have.

You will ALWAYS be compensated for the value you can deliver.

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