John Deere launches new S440 Series combine harvester

John Deere has announced the launch in the Africa, Middle East market of its newest combine harvester, the S440 Series, which packs an array of innovative technology to boost productivity, efficiency and profitability.

The S440 Series combine harvester is John Deere’s newest addition to its combine lineup. Though compact, it packs a powerful array features and technology that are sure to boost efficiency, productivity and profitability on any grain farm.

According to the company, the latest addition to its combine lineup is an excellent choice for a farmer looking for a smaller, more cost effective but still  technologically advanced machine

“This machine is a class 4 Combine but is packed with all the features and technology of the larger John Deere S-Series Combine Harvesters and is designed to achieve all the desired qualities; efficiency, reliability, grain sample quality, and harvesting technology,” John Deere said in a statement.

What differentiates the S440 from the rest?

Compared to the larger John Deere Harvesters in the market, the S440 Combine consists of a smaller framework and engine capacity. Even so, its power derives from the John Deere 6-cylinder, 6.8-liter Tier-3 engine, boasting an exclusive isochronous governor, which assists with maintaining rotation even during peak power demand without the operator’s intervention.

With 175kW rated power and 191kW peak power, it maintains material processing efficiency during the entire harvest operation to achieve higher performance.

Efficient Harvesting

The S440 is a rotor combine equipped with the John Deere-designed Tri-Stream rotor, measuring 61cm x 313cm. This feature ensures the efficient harvest of maize, soybeans, wheat, canola, rice, sorghum, and many other grains while reducing fuel and power consumption and providing effective threshing and grain separation.

The system is coupled with Dyna Flow Plus cleaning systems that ensure even material distribution over the entire length of the sieves using side hill deflectors.

Advanced technology

The S440 also has automatic ground adjustment controls, or Active Terrain Adjust™, which limits grain loss to a minimum when harvesting on inclines and slopes.

“The system achieves this by automatically adjusting the fan speed and opening or closing the sieves depending on the angle of the combine,” said John Deere.

John Deere has equipped the S440  with a range of range of technological features that come as part of the standard package.

Farmers can expect to benefit from a versatile corner post display, a lateral tilt feeder house, moisture and yield sensors, and in-cab adjustment of all settings. Additionally, the standard package includes an industry-leading JDLink™  Connectivity subscription.

For farmers who desire even more advanced technology solutions, John Deere offers factory-installed premium options such as the Starfire™ 7000 Receiver and Gen 4 touchscreen display.

These options come with Auto-Track™ and Row-Sense™ functionalities, enabling the secure wireless transfer of harvest data and yield maps directly to the farmer’s cell phone and the cloud-based John Deere Operations Centre™ precision farming solution. Furthermore, the 24/7 remote display access and service advisor remote capabilities provide customers an extra edge and greater peace of mind.

Specifications and optional extras: Customizable features of the S440

John Deere has combined the powerful 6.8-litre engine with a 3-speed hydrostatic transmission and a 65kW feeder house reverser. The S440 Combine also features a 6,500-liter grain tank and a 5.5-meter unloading auger that can unload at a rate of 65 litres per second while harvesting.

Additionally, unloading can occur while harvesting and farmers can choose between a standard or premium dual-speed discharge chopping beater paired with twin spreading discs for residue management. For the farmer looking for more traction and stability, dual front wheels or a powered rear axle for four-wheel drive can be factory installed, according to John Deere.

Additionally, the S440 harvester can accommodate a wide range of front-end equipment options. It can be fitted with four, six, and eight-row headers for maize harvesting, while the combine can handle rigid and flex platforms up to 25 feet in size for small grains.

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