Johannesburg has two billionaires that are worth more than R18.3bn – each!

Ever wondered where most of South Africa’s multi-millionaires and billionaires are housed?

While Cape Town is home to some of the most expensive residential areas in the country, Johannesburg has the fastest-growing millionaire population.

This is according to a recent report on the world’s wealthiest cities.

Johannesburg is home to 14 600 millionaires (more than R18.3 million), 30 centi-millionaires (more than R1.8 billion) and two billionaires (more than R18.3 billion).

Remember, these figures are based on US dollars, not South African Rands, so the figures will be much higher when converted to our local currency.

On the overall list, New York City takes the top spot of the fastest-growing millionaire population with over 340 000 millionaires and 58 billionaires.

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