I BLEW IT: Lebo Gunguluza Explains How He Blew His First Million

Lebo Gunguluza is one of South Africa’s most successful entrepreneurs.

He has overcome odds and broke boundaries by starting a multi-million rand empire without any funding and by creating a revolutionary organization with a group of successful entrepreneurs to help aspiring township and rural entrepreneurs start and grow successful businesses.

Having set clear goals of financial success for himself at a young age that:
1. By the age of 25, he must have been a millionaire.
2.By the age of 35, he must have been a multi-millionaire.
3.By the age of 45, he must be a billionaire.

He achieved his first goal by the age of 27, he made his first million through a series of entertainment events and activities that redefined the possibilities of success. A year later, he blew that million.

2 years ago, Gunguluza was a guest at Back From Zero where he explained to the host, Lebogang Machedi, how he made and blew his first million, see the video below:

Over the years, Gunguluza learned from his mistakes and made millions again. And he’s still working on his billion rand dreams.

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