How Marealeboha Chabeli Made A Fortune From Farming Snails

Marealeboha Chabeli is a different kind of a farmer, she runs a snail farm. She uses the slime secreted by snails to make skin cream.

Growing up, she had beautiful clear skin but as time went on, her world crumbled as her skin started to change for the worst. It was filled with pimples, and the condition would stick to her for 3 long years.

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Marealeboha Chabeli

To treat the acne, she tried every rule in the book and failed at all attempts, nothing seemed to work. One day, she came across a good Samaritan who suggested that she use snail slime on her skin to get rid of the pimples.

Desperate to heal her condition, she tried the snail suggestion and to her surprise, it worked wonders. Her skin improved in just 3 days, and within a month, her skin was very healthy and moist.

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After finding the solution, she then conducted a research based on snail secretions, and found that indeed they were praised worldwide for being extremely good on human skin.

She decided to grow more snails in order to use their secretions on her skin. Her research revealed that she would harvest more secretions if she used a certain kind of snail which wasn’t present in Lesotho.

She located that kind of snail in Nigeria. She now has both the Nigerian and Lesotho version in the farm.

“The good thing about snails is that, “oh boy they can reproduce!” — because of their ability to reproduce, you just have to take a good care of them and you can maintain or even multiply a colony for quite some time, if not forever!”

Seeing the snail secretions working for her, she decided to share the skin products with friends and family and the results were so good that everyone came for more.

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When she started, she only wanted to heal her skin problems, but she ended up on a path to a business of helping others in a similar situation.

According to Marealeboha, snails produce 3 kinds of liquids, but the one she’s looking for is a greenish liquid that a snail releases when it is happy.

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This greenish slime has nutrients such as glycoprotein, hyaluronic acid, proteoglycans, copper peptides and antimicrobials — beneficial for protecting skin from UV rays, infection, damage, infection, and dryness.

To get more of the liquid, all she has to do is make the snails as happy as possible.

Snails enjoying a watermelon feast

“We achieve that by giving them the right food. Their lunch box may include as varied the delicacies as water melon, lettuce, mangoes, tomatoes and cucumbers. In fact, if you want to make them extremely happy, don’t just give them food out of nowhere, rather start by giving them a warm water bath before feeding them,”

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