How A Messy Divorce Helped Nomfundo Mcoyi Buid Her Funeral Service Empire

Nomfundo Mcoyi is a multiskilled businesswoman and community builder who’s based in KZN. She has come a long way from a kasi girl to a schoolteacher, and founder of the Icebolethu Group.

Nomfundo Mcoyi, founder of Icebolethu

After identifying a gap in the funeral industry, she started Icebolethu in order to give her clients a one-stop shop service when they have funerals.

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The main core of the business at Icebolethu Group is funerals, but the company has various subsidiaries under its umbrella, which includes funeral policies, loans, tombstones, memorial parks, and catering.

Icebolethu Group

She’s also the chairperson of the KZN South African Funeral Practitioners Association, and a shareholder at Blacksuits and Scribante Labour Consultants.

Nomfundo’s rise to the top has been a very long journey filled with potholes and barricades. It took hardwork, perseverance, and never backing down from challenges to get to her current stage.

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In 2009, Nomfundo lost everything to her first husband following their divorce. She had to start from scratch. In that moment of need and sadness, she birthed Icebolethu Funeral Group. She ran the business from her home in Hammarsdale.

When she started out, she had no financial resources, no experience and no mentor, but that didn’t matter because she had a big dream and was determined to do everything in her power to get it.

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From the get-go, she always sourced her inspiration from big opposition companies, because that’s exactly what she wanted to achieve, a big company.

Venturing into the funeral business wasn’t an easy task for Nomfundo, as she faced a lot of criticism and resistance from older role players in the industry, who were intimidated by her potential to succeed.

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She began expanding the company during its 2nd second year of operation, but serious expansion took place during the 4th year – that’s when she introduced a variety of services like tombstone, funeral policies, event catering, and floral bouquets for South Africans, and clients from as far as the UK.

Icebolethu Headquarters

When she launched Icelobethu, it only had about five people, now the company employs over 1500 people. Although she’s the head of the company, she feels that her team played a vital role in what Icebolethu has become today.

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Focus on your goals….

Nomfundo says aspiring entrepreneurs should not to do things for the sake of getting money, but to follow a career because they love it and are good at it.

“You must just be excellent at what you do. Focus on your goals and your vison and don’t take shortcuts, they’re not the answer. Work hard, be professional and do things the right way, and for the right reasons. Just be excellent; that’s the key.”

Nomfundo’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs


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