From Mixing In The Kitchen To Selling In Cases: The Success Story of Nirmala Juice

Nirmala Juice was launched in 2015 by Motshabi Hlatshaneni, a young and bubbly entrepreneur who’s lovingly known as simply ‘Mo’.

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Motshabi Hlatshaneni, founder of Nirmala Juice

She spent some time working in the hospitality industry across the US, and experienced how the cold pressed juicing phenomena could heal and transform a person’s lifestyle and health.

Natural is always best. So we manufacturers of cold pressed, 100% fruit, vegetable and herb blends, nothing added nothing taken away – we don’t even add water. So just the juice that comes from the individual fuser vegetables in our own delicious recipes.

Mo on why she decided to go the natural juice route

On her return home in 2013, she couldn’t find any cold pressed juices on offer, her frustration with lack of cold pressed juices forced her to investigate deeper into this blooming cold pressed juicing idea.

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Much to the confusion and amazement of her family, the home kitchen began to be used as her lab experiment for juices where she started spending a lot of time to try and develop new juice flavours and recipes for herself.

Nirmala Juice

Later on, she started inviting her family members and friends, who joined in as her “taste and quality” judges.

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Most flavours were a hit, while some were a bit off’ish. From the feedback she got her judges, she continued to improve her pure cold pressed juices until she had a collection of undeniable hits.

“it’s growing, I’m fairly surprised because I just started off in my home kitchen, just myself with about five orders a month. Now we processing over 800 bottles a week that we’re distributing to a few athletes that we have, and we service most of our customers through online orders.

So a lot of our customers buy them in bulk form, and they undergo natural 100% Juice only cleanses and fast. So that’s growing, a lot of our customers are going on that reset the body flush your body with nutrients and vitamins and that sort of thing.”

Mo on her growth since the kitchen days

Before she knew it, family and friends began ordering the juices for themselves, then word of mouth started spreading around, and the juice orders started coming in quickly from other people outside her circle.

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Loading Nirmala crates in the truck for delivery

“Yes, we have approached we started off very small, like I said, I was home base. And in terms of going into retail, there’s a lot of certification that you need to apply for. And it’s very difficult for home based businesses where you have to have a designated area away from the house as your factory and whatnot.

So instead, we decided to go own route. And we started picking up really nice moles that we interested in. And we actually put kiosks in the malls. So we’re not yet on the shelves in the big supermarkets or whatnot. But we are having our own branded small kiosks within busy malls, we’re going to go into, you know, the corporate office buildings as a juice bar to get our juice going. And then later on we’ll see if we going the retail route or if you’ll go direct to other businesses.”

Mo on her expansion plans

According to Mo, she decided to call her brand ‘Nirmala Juices’ because Nirmala means PURE in an ancient Indian language called Sanskrit.

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From the kitchen days, Nirmala has since grown to offer far more than flavourful healthy cold pressed juices. The brand also offers various complimentary premium products for a plant-forward lifestyle.


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