Fatal Accident In Boksburg As Gas Tanker Explodes Under A Bridge

A truck pulling a gas tanker crashed into a low level in Boksburg. The level of the bridge compressed the tanker causing it to leak gas before exploding into flames.

At least eight people have died in the Boksburg accident, leaving six firefighters and other people critically injured. It is reported that BBH’s casual department roof has collapsed, destroyed fire engine, two light motor vehicles has burned to ashes.

“I have never seen anything like this before,” says Ekurhuleni councillor Simon Lapping, of the devastation caused by the explosion of a gas tanker in Boksburg on Saturday. “There must be a serious investigation as to how a truck carrying gas can go in under a low-level bridge.”

EMS spokesperson William Ntladi says the bridge has been completely destroyed.

“So the subway bridge is completely destroyed. Part of the hospital’s casualty department roof has collapsed. We’ve got two houses that are nearby that caught alight”

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