Farmer Karabo Mulungwa takes the bull by its horns

It’s all about taking the produce to the people for this Limpopo farmer who goes the extra mile for his customers. From spinach, onions and cabbage to chickens, Karabo Mulungwa delivers with a smile

Farmer Mulungwa takes the bull by its horns

Vegetable farmer in Thohoyandou Karabo Mulungwa believes that nothing can stand in his way to make his mark in the agricultural sector.

When he had to choose a location for his farming operations, Karabo Mulungwa chose a spot next to a busy road so that his product could be accessible to the broader community. He also likes the idea of customers buying directly from the soil, as he puts it. He has learned many lessons on his farming journey, but the biggest one is: if you want things done, you have to be willing to put in the hard work yourself.

Mulungwa from Shayandima in Thohoyandou, Limpopo has been farming for the past six years and he attributes his success to consistency and ability to learn from past mistakes.

“During my early days in farming, I used to operate a farm from a distance, not staying there. I bought 700 layer chickens, [but] the person who was assisting me, overfed the chicks with food for the weekend and left.

“The chicks did not have water or were looked after, some died, some got sick while others did not grow properly. That is when I learned that if you want things done you need to do it yourself,”

he says

The incident nearly destroyed him, Mulungwa admits, however, he learned from it and kept his head high.

Never stop learning

Farmer Mulungwa takes the bull by its horns
Karabo Mulungwa aims to be the best in his community by providing food and employment.

“I have seven hectares where I farm with vegetables, and produce chickens. I grew up in a family where farming was part of everyday life, my family had livestock and grew vegetables and maize every year.

“So, growing up in that environment made me fall in love with farming,”

he says

This driven farmer says he is his own motivator and believes in his own ideas to strive forward.

“I am my own pillar of strength because I have gone so much and I have motivated myself to come back. Also, in the world we are living in, you cannot trust anyone to have your back,”

he adds

Need to know what you are doing

Operating a farming business is not a joke, nor is it for the faint-hearted, Mulungwa says. For him, it demands resilience and commitment.

“Although I formally started in 2017, the planning started in 2014, so it’s almost 10 years of going through the highs and the lows.”

Mulungwa farms with eggs, chickens, onions, cabbage, and spinach.

When it comes to the market he delivers to, Mulungwa says word of mouth and his location are the biggest contributors to where his produce is sold.

“I operate next to the main street and it is busy. I have made it easy for my clients when they pass here from work, they just stop and buy whatever they need. Accessibility is very important for me,”

he explains

He also offers delivery services to his customers who live far, especially the elderly.

Farmer Mulungwa takes the bull by its horns
Focused and dedicated farmer, Karabo Mulungwa says he is his own pillar of strength and has learned through his mistakes.

According to Mulungwa, young people need to put their pride aside and start working on the land for the betterment of their communities.

“They need to start their business today, food is part of our daily lives. So it needs more young and energetic young people to join in. However, they must know and understand that is not an easy ride.”

“I just want to see my business grow and be able to attract as many customers as possible, because farming is my passion and I like making people happy, and when my clients are happy I am also happy knowing that I have delivered the best,” he says with pride.

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