Expect Your Initial Business Idea To Deviate

Expect Your Initial Business Idea To Deviate


GetSmarter was initially launched as GetWine, a platform offering an online course in wine evaluation. Over time, the platform morphed into GetSmarter, an ed-tech platform which offers 170+ online courses to thousands of professionals across 195 countries.

American Swiss: How A Small Family Business Grew Into A Large Corporation

Likewise, TymeBank started as a mobile money remittance operator. When Wumdrop was launched, it was a diper selling business. Honey Fashion & Accessories??? Jacqui Godwin started it after frustrations dealing with retailers.

How A Child’s Birthday Party Led To The Rise & Success of Browns Corn Dogs

Market echoes steer the ship. Once you learn acting, assessing, and adjusting, your original business intent will veer.

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