Every Business Needs Marketing, Big or Small

Henry Ford once said “the man who stop advertising to save money, is like the man who stops the clock to save time”.

So eloquent, and true.

Think about this for a second; your ideal client is more likely at home, or in an empty office, scrolling their social media accounts just waiting to be stimulated. And they dont get to see your product and services as you have stopped marketing under the assumption that is an expense.

Try not to think of your marketing in terms of “how much is going to cost to market this month”, but instead, “how much do I stand to lose if I dont engage my target market with stimulating marketing!”.

When it comes to enhancing your brand’s overall visibility, there is no form of marketing that is shifting faster than social media. Every business or institution can benefit from understanding social media’s importance when it comes to reaching their supporters and strengthening their brand. It is really important to produce high-quality and attention seeking content.

At the same time, to make an impact in your local area, outdoor advertising can also raise your profile and deliver results. Pull up banners and billboards put a message right in front of your potential clientele as they are walking, shopping and driving. However, outdoor advertising is not just about massive billboards on the side of the road. There are poster ads and sizes to suit all budgets. Your choice will be driven by how well you understand your target market.

It is important to remember that improving brand consistency will lead to more brand recognition, trust, and positive reception by potential customers. All it takes is simple shift in perspective.

So, to all small and big business or institutions reading this-i implore you, “Dont stop the clock thinking you are going to save time.”

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