DJ Tira Launches His Very Own Alcohol Brand, Bearings Cyder

Anyone that doesn’t know DJ Tira definitely needs to be given the side eye. This is the man behind one of the most iconic independent record labels in South Africa, Afrotainment.

Established artists such as NaakMusiq, Duncan, BIG NUZ, DJ Cndo and the Qwabe twins are all freshly brewed talents from Tira’s hit making stable.

For the most part, DJ Tira spent the majority of his 22+ years in the SA music industry putting on other artists but regardless, he has also done remarkable things for himself in his own career.

Over the years, Tira’s skills as a DJ have solidified him as one of the best if not thee best in the country. Innovation usually forms a big part of delivering an unforgettable set for the masses and Tira has been consistent in this regard. His performances are always a whole production – lights, guitarist, hit songs and of course, amazing crowd interaction!

As you all know, music stars have long-been associated with the glamorous world of drinks, endorsing labels across vodka, champagne, beer, cognac and tequila, even snapping up brands for themselves.

The veteran recently ventured into alcoholic drink business as he launched his very own brand called Bearings Cyder. On Monday, he took to his Instagram account to announce that the new cyder is available for purchase in different stores across the country.

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