CHEESEBOY To GALXBOY: GALXBOY’s Previous Two Names Before The Success

GALXBOY has maintained its relevance for over 14 years since its inception, the brand has its roots in the underground and rebellious youth street culture that dominates the urban centres of Mzansi.

GALXBOY store in Menlyn Mall, Pretoria

GALXBOY is the brainchild of Thatiso Dube who launched the brand in 2008 after seeing a gap in the market for a brand that was designed by the youth for the youth, in particular, Millennials as well as Generation Z.

In 2014, during the official launch of GALXBOY’s first store in Hatfield(Pretoria), the host revealed that GALXBOY underwent 2 name changes. At first it was called CHEESEBOY then CHEESEGALXBOY before it became GALXBOY as we all know it today, see the video clip below:

So what’s the take home massage from this?? Well sometimes even if all the stars align and you do get your branding right the first time around, you have to remember that things change, time moves on and brand names sometimes need to be re-thought.

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