Capcom stealthily drops a Street Fighter 6 demo on the PlayStation Store

We’re not expecting Street Fighter 6 to sell particularly well. Not because it’s bad – far from it. But we do have to question Capcom’s thought process when choosing release dates. Not only is it competing with kids’ pocket money (which almost definitely went to Tears of the Kingdom) but it’s going up against the launch of Across the Spider-Verse on its opening day (tickets cost how much?). But that’s okay. Capcom is hoping that its newly released Street Fighter 6 demo can salvage some of the damage.


At the time of writing, the Street Fighter 6 demo is only available on PlayStation 4 and 5, though demos for the Xbox Series X/S and Steam are set to appear in their respective stores on Wednesday, 26 April. The news comes from Capcom’s Street Fighter 6 showcase – held yesterday – which also gave us some more news about the game’s features and post-launch future.

Players can download the demo for free, create their own custom avatar and test out the demo’s limited single-player World Tour Mode as their custom avatar. It’s worth noting that your custom avatar can be carried over to the full game should you decide to pick it up on the same platform, or even at all.

If you’re not after any story, you can access the ‘Fighting Ground’, which lets players go ‘One on One’ or into an ‘Extreme Battle’. You won’t be playing online with any friends, and you’ll be locked to Ryu and Luke for the duration of your stay at the Street Fighter 6 demo.

The Street Fighter 6 showcase, hosted on 4/20 by the Lil Wayne (don’t ask) showed off a few more features we can look forward to once the full game is released. We know that four new characters – Rashid, A.K.I, Ed, and Akuma – are making their way to the game over the coming year. Those custom avatars we mentioned? They’ll be usable online in “Avatar Battles” which… is exactly what it sounds like. Finally, we learned that the single-player World Tour mode will incorporate some sort of RPG system, accompanied by a skill tree.

That’s just the basics. If you’re able to stand Lil Wayne for more than a couple of minutes, check out the full showcase. Or, you know, check out the PlayStation Blog. That’ll also keep you in the loop.

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