Business Has No Manual

Business has no manual, business school teaches basics, business minded individuals are those who can turn anything into a business.

There’s no a required start up needed to start a business, a brain on its own is the start up capital.

Facebook is full of penniless individuals busy criticising businesses they don’t understand, because they don’t know business.

And when you ask them, where is their business which is acceptable? They’ll tell you about huge amounts of start up capitals they can only dream about.

Since they’re without understanding that dreaming above your own means is an injury to the brain.

Because the people who are expected to be helping out are also helping themselves, and as much as we may have built a connection to interact, the bottom line is, we all came alone in this world, hence it’s advisable to always mind our own businesses, and pay a little attention to what others are doing.

Small steps matters the most, life has no short cuts, nobody can manage a million, if they never learnt to manage a thousand.

There’s a reason why those who invest on businesses with the illusion of “funding” never invest on a business which only exist on the paper, the invest on something which is already on the move.

God helps those who have learnt to help themselves.

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