Who Owns Briefly News?? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Briefly News is one of South Africa’s biggest news and entertainment platforms. The website regularly keeps its readers up-to-date with the latest in celebrity news, current affairs, gossip and trending stories about people and events.

Briefly News is widely popular across many social media platforms:
Facebook – 1.5 Million
Twitter – 36 200
Instagram – 111 000
Telegram – 4300

LinkedIn – 3225

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Who owns Briefly News

Briefly News is a subsidiary brand of Genesis Media Emerging Markets, a media holding company with operations in South Africa(Briefly), Nigeria(Legit), Kenya(TUKO), Ghana(YEN), and Philippines(KAMI)

With a global audience reaching 24M users a month and a growing social media presence, Genesis Media Emerging Markets is one of the biggest online media company in emerging markets.


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