Be Strong In Mind

Be Strong In Mind. To keep the body fit is important, but the mind must remain focused to the Ultimate Goal.

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What’s The Ultimate Goal?

The Ultimate Goal is to achieve what you have told yourself that you want to achieve, and fight in all your might to make it a reality.

The Ultimate Goal is to be strong in mind and live without undivided attention. There are too many obstacles in life which has the sole purpose of trying to prevent people from reaching their dreams.

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And if you allow them to divide your attention, you’ll lose focus on the Ultimate Goal, and lose energy and momentum on obstacles which aren’t worthy of either your time, enemy, attention or a response.

Unless your life is threatened, and you feel it within you that you’re in danger, use silence against enemies, and remain focused to the Ultimate Goal.

If it comes a time that an enemy is becoming more of a nuisance, when you attend to the enemy, beat the shit out of an enemy, and leave an enemy with a mark which would serve as a lesson to those who may think of disturbing your peace in the future.

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And remain focused to the Ultimate Goal.
All people have dreams, but not all achieve their dreams, because of obstacles that arise along the journey of life, when they encounter an obstacle which serves as a prevention to achieve their dreams, they derail themselves from the Ultimate Goal, and treat the obstacle with the same attention, energy and time they were treating the Ultimate Goal, and that’s a sin.

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When you set a goal, you go after that goal, and give middle finger to anyone who tells you otherwise.

Be Strong In Mind

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