10 Things Upcoming Artists Can Learn From Big Xhosa

Big Xhosa blew up on the scenes with his vicious diss record, ‘Ninyile’ whereby he goes after everyone at the top of the SA rap game. He’s been trending on a daily basis ever since and has so far gathered enough hype to finally release a body of work.

Big Xhosa during Ndiyajola music video
Big Xhosa during Ndiyajola music video

There’s a lot upcoming artists can learn from him just by looking at how he finally made a breakthrough in the rap game with his own unique sound and character, take notes:

10 Things Upcoming Artists Can Learn From Big Xhosa:

  1. You don’t need big budgets to shoot a video, you just need a creative mind, a phone and an effort.
  2. You don’t need a record label to start recording and releasing music, use materials already available for free or low prices; Fruity Loops, YouTube, Spotify etc
  3. Generate hype for your music by any means necessary, even if it means dissing whoever’s hottest in the game.
  4. Form a character, brand yourself and play the part to perfection.
  5. Don’t conform to hip hop standards of making music, curve a new path, explore new sounds and excite people.
  6. Don’t copy anyone, create you own sound and stick to it.
  7. Find new ways to get people talking about you, be being active on social media to interact with fans. In this way, you build a cult following which will support you.
  8. Show hunger and passion to succeed. Do anything within legal bounds to see your vision across.
  9. Don’t mind what anyone says, just execute, stay focused and have fun while you’re at it.
  10. Make music connecting more with your fans, not radio, fans matter more.

Obviously your story won’t be the same as Big Xhosa’s because everyone has their own journey to walk but you can take notes from his story and incorporate some of the points in your own story, to help propell you into stardom like how you’ve always dreamed.





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